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February 1st, 2015

For Immediate Release

Million Dollar Media Delivers over $2.3 Million Payout to Art Van Furniture after Customers Cash in on one of Largest Weather-Contest Payouts in U.S. History

Thousands of customers received free furniture thanks to retailer’s “Let It Snow” promotion backed by Million Dollar Media

April 21, 2015 (Woodbridge, NJ) – Insured contest and promotions company Million Dollar Media, LLC, has announced over a $2.3 million payout to Art Van Furniture after a weather rebate promotion favored its customers throughout the Midwest with FREE furniture. Million Dollar Media backed Art Van’s “Let It Snow” offer, which promised its customers a full rebate on furniture purchases if more than 3 inches of snow accumulated in the Chicago, IL; Fort Wayne, IN; or Toledo, OH markets on Sunday, February 1 (the day of the Big Game).

More than 2,200 customers purchased furniture during the promotion, and were hoping Mother Nature would “Let It Snow”. And did it ever! After a record 16 inches of snow pummeled Chicago, 9 inches covered Fort Wayne and 10 inches blanketed Toledo, every Art Van Furniture customer in the Midwest celebrated more than touchdowns and were overjoyed with free merchandise.

“Our goal was to usher in winter with fanfare, fun and lots of free furniture,” Art Van Furniture stated. “They say good things come in threes, and 3 inches of snow, combined with millions of dollars in savings, is most definitely a good thing for our Chicago, Fort Wayne, and Toledo guests.”

Art Van Furniture customer Kendra Geiger was one of the winners. “I was pretty excited. I was thinking ‘All I need is three inches,’ and they were predicting six to ten. I think we got nine,” said Geiger. “I was looking out the window and watching it pound us with snow and I was, like, ‘Oh my gosh, is this really happening? What are the odds?’ I’m going to save more than two grand, which is just crazy.”

Geiger continued, “I still need to get some other stuff for my apartment, so I’ll probably get a nicer television now. I don’t really like snow, to be honest, but that was the best snow day ever.”

Million Dollar Media’s custom-insured promotions allow companies to offer huge prizes, drive sales and generate massive excitement, while maintaining a fixed marketing budget. Companies offer their customers the chance to win cash, cars, furniture, jewelry, sports trips, and fantasy prizes like season tickets for life. If the contest produces a winner, Million Dollar Media pays for the prize. Clients get the rewards and recognition, while Million Dollar Media takes on all of the risk.

“It’s not every day you can celebrate with a client by writing them an almost two and a half million dollar check! We may have also helped set a record on the number of touchdown dances, before the game even kicked off. Conditional rebate programs, like our ‘Let It Snow’ promotion, where every single customer can get a full rebate on their purchase, provide companies with an incredibly powerful marketing tool,” said Henry Ferry, President, Million Dollar Media. “Our team develops unique and turnkey programs that create a huge ‘buzz factor’ – driving consumers through the door and generating an increase in revenue and market share for our clients.”

Through full-service contest execution, Million Dollar Media develops the promotional ideas, provides the prize coverage, creates the contest rules, helps administer the program, and generates supporting marketing and promotional materials for companies to execute a successful campaign including custom websites, signage and more. At over $2.3 million, Art Van Furniture’s “Let It Snow” promotion produced one of the largest payouts for a weather rebate program in U.S. history.
Custom idea development and brainstorming services are free by contacting Million Dollar Media at 732-726-0050. For more information, visit www.milliondollarmedia.com.

About Million Dollar Media, LLC
Million Dollar Media creates custom insured promotions, sweepstakes and provides turnkey promotional services for all types of businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Its insured promotions serve as a tool for advertising campaigns and event sponsorship. Million Dollar Media also provides custom idea development and brainstorming services. It serves media outlets, advertising agencies, corporate and retail advertisers, casinos, the automotive industry, nightclub and bar/restaurant chains, the beer and liquor industry, sports leagues and Internet companies. Million Dollar Media was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Woodbridge, New Jersey.
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